Add $93,000 of overdue tax liability to Lindsay Lohan's list of life problems.  The IRS filed a federal tax lien for LiLo's 2009 debt.  According to Lohan's people, Lohan thought she had people that took care of this kind of stuff!  The people responsible for letting Lohan's tax problems slip through the cracks have been fired and replaced.  Lohan can now get back to important stuff like drinking and driving, sexting and attending most of her mandatory probation activities.  Why do trainwreck celebs not hire chaffeurs?  
As weak as Lohan's excuses are, they could still be enough to get the crushing penalties associated with the taxes abated or forgiven, especially since the accountants and other handlers responsible for the problem have been sacked and replaced (thus, preventing further liabilities, in theory). The IRS standard for abatement of penalties is "reasonable cause."  If there is a legitimate reason that you didn't file or pay on time, don't minimize your excuses.  

Hire a local tax lawyer to put together a request for abatement under this reasonable cause standard.  About half of these requests are granted.  A good amount of the requests that the IRS rejects for abatement may still be candidates for other debt relief programs such as an installment agreement.  So, you really have nothing to lose.  Call the OKC and Tulsa tax lawyer "in the know," Travis Watkins, at 405-607-1192.  I would love to help.  

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