So, I happen to catch some of Lionel Richie's Vegas tribute show tonight as I'm watching the news for updates on News 9 for tornadoes that are supposed to be ripping through the State of Oklahoma tonight.  Man, Lionel had some great songs, and he's still a fine entertainer today.  I Googled him, and discovered maybe his pressing need for some quick cash in Vegas: Richie's got a tax problem--a $1.1 million tax problem in fact (I guess I need a TMZ celebrity tax problem alert app on my iPhone--check out their coverage here).

Hello? 'Tis Thee We're Looking For...Said the IRS                                                      Hello, 'Tis Thee We're Looking For...Said the IRS
The 62-year old crooner failed to pay his 2010 income taxes, and now the IRS is getting tough.  They recently slapped a lien on his property.  

IRS liens are nasty, embarrasing and (until recenty) impossible to get lifted without paying the IRS every dime you owe, including penalties and interest.  But, things have changed.  Call local, licensed lawyer Travis Watkins at 800-721-7054 to find out more or check out my free strategies on liens and other items here at  

Travis Watkins
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cartoon about Lionel!
by Johnny Ancich July 21, 2012 at 07:07 PM
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