Fox News has reported that Democratic Congressional committee members have proposed a new plan for the IRS to prepare your tax return for you.  Supposedly, this is going to save taxpayers millions in lost productivity for the hours it takes to fill out their overly complicated tax returns.  If you have no itemized deductions, you would be a candidate!  Apparently, President Obama, himself, supports this proposal.  The idea has not made its way out of committee yet.

Guess what?  The IRS already does this for you without Congressional approval.  Without the happy-face :) that Congress would like to spray-paint on this procedure, it's called the Substitute for Return, or "SFR."  If you have not filed in a few years, the IRS already prepares returns for you based on information that third parties involuntarily file on you (W-2's, 1099's, etc.).  Typically, these are the most Draconian returns you could ever think of filing for yourself. 

Hopefully, for our sake, the SFR Department does not become the "new" save-lazy taxpayers millions-while looking out for their best interest-Department.  Rep. Sam Johnson, R-Texas nailed it, "[a]llowing the IRS to file your tax return is like asking the fox to guard the hen house."  
--"I'm only here to help.  Now, who's next," said the "new"
IRS tax prep agent.

This is a bad (and far from a new) idea any way you slice it. 


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