IRS Technocrats Use Defeciencies in Their Power of Attorney Form 2848 Against Taxpayers

The IRS changed its Power of Attorney Form 2848 back in October, 2011.  We are starting to see some problems with it.

The Form 2848 is the document that allows a tax professional to practice on your behalf before the IRS and talk to them, so you don't have to.  It's an invaluable document for asserting your rights as a taxpayer through a local, licensed lawyer.  It is your absolute right as a taxpayer to have legal representation, and the IRS hates it!

Some IRS agents would nit-pick the old Form 2848, e.g. you forgot to dot the "i" or cross the "t."  We would revise the form, send it back, they would find something else wrong with it (or not), and business settling the account would proceed.

Now, the mid-level management technocrats at the IRS have revised the 2848, but it is deficient.  It asks for the name (not names) of the taxpayer and provides one spot for the taxpayer's (singular) social security number.  This poses a problem for married taxpayers filing jointly.  The electronic fields won't let you type more than one social security number.

IRS agents are attempting to use their own deficiency in the form against taxpayers because there is no room for the spouse's name and social security number on the form.  We will temporarily combat this problem by having husband and wife sign separate forms.  We anticipate that the IRS will then complain that the couple should be on the same form. I believe that this is an example of the IRS trying to create an impediment to taxpayer's absolute right to legal counsel, and we won't stand for it! 

If you have any experience dealing with the IRS on your own, you have seen first-hand the frustrations of dealing with low-level and mid-management technocrats there.  If my office did not have the power of the lawsuit and the appeals process to keep the IRS in check, all would be lost.  Stay tuned for more direction on this valuable form.

If you are frustrated with dealing with the IRS on your own, you have a right to legal representation.  Call lawyer Travis Watkins today at 1-800-721-7054. 

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