When Can the IRS File a Lien or Levy? What's the Difference, and How Can You Defend Yourself?

In this episode of Your IRS Weapon, we're answering listener questions about a variety of tax topics and explore several other important topics as the filing deadline fast approaches. Listen here, or download a free copy of this episode and listen on the go!

When Can IRS Liens and Levies Be Filed?

If the IRS files a lien against your property (which could include your home, your vehicle, or any other asset you own), or levies your bank account, your financial situation can deteriorate quickly and significantly. Learn when the IRS is able to file these crippling sanctions, and what you can do to avoid this situation here.

Beware of Identity Theft When Filing Your Federal Taxes

Identity theft is a problem that's existed for several years now, but this year we're receiving even more reports than in the past. Here's how it works: you file your federal tax return as you always do, only to have it rejected. The IRS claims the rejection is because someone's already filed a return under your name. What can you do to get your identity back and make sure you get the refund you're entitled to? We tell you.

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