Taxpayers beware.  The IRS has issued a memo to its collection employees (revenue officers) that they may approach a taxpayer's front door, despite a visible 'No Trespassing' sign displayed, so long as the porch to the front door is accessible.  This arguably runs contrary to the IRS' own safety manual that advises agents to respect 'No Trespassing' signs.  The IRS recommends that revenue officers take a special agent along with them if the property is fenced in.  Click here to understand the difference between an IRS revenue officer and special agent.  The IRS didn't have any advice for how to approach a property with a really big dog. 
Know your rights.  You don't have to talk to a revenue officer or let him into your property.  This is where most taxpayers get in trouble.  You can tell them that you want legal representation.  If they ignore your requests, call the police.  Call a lawyer who practices berfore the IRS every day.  Call Travis Watkins at 405-607-1192 to prevent these encroachments and protect your rights today.
Travis Watkins
Senior Tax Attorney
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