Joint Filings and Innocent Spouse Relief

In today’s episode of “Your IRS Weapon”, Travis and the crew are discussing the problems that can arise when married couples go about filing their taxes. You probably know that most married couples file joint tax returns, but what if one person had multiple jobs throughout the year, is an independent contractor, or self-employed? Many couples can find themselves in unique or tricky tax situations and end up owing a significant amount of money to the IRS.

But what do you do if your spouse either ignorantly or willfully misreported or your income? What if you two are no longer together? Are you responsible for a debt that they incurred without your knowledge?

Understanding Innocent Spouse Tax Relief

In some circumstances, it’s possible for an innocent spouse to be relieved of the debt that their partner incurred. Our episode today explores this opportunity in detail. We’ll tell you which sort of circumstances may qualify for innocent spouse relief—and more importantly—which may not. Click to listen or download now!

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