Know What Information You Need to Request Innocent Spouse Relief

When your spouse or former spouse filed an erroneous joint tax return or underpaid the tax that you owed, you may feel that he or she should be held solely responsible because you are an innocent spouse. Normally, both parties in a married couple can be held responsible by the IRS, jointly and individually, for paying any tax or filing any return that is owed. In some cases, however, you may request innocent spouse relief as an alternative solution to your tax problem. To do so, you must complete and file a Form 8857, Request for Innocent Spouse Relief.

What You Will Have to Provide to the IRS

When filing this form, the IRS will ask you to provide a great deal of information. Some of that information includes the following:

  • The tax year for which you are requesting innocent spouse relief
  • Your contact information
  • Your spouse’s contact information
  • The current status of your relationship
  • The highest level of education you had completed when the tax return in question was filed
  • Whether you were a victim of spousal abuse
  • Whether you had a mental or physical disability at the time the return was filed
  • The extent to which you were involved with finances and preparing the tax return in question
  • Your current financial situation, including the fair market value and any outstanding loans on your assets
  • Your current monthly income and expenses, broken down in detail
  • Whether you are seeking a refund

Completing this form fully, accurately, and honestly is crucial to your ability to obtain innocent spouse relief from your tax debt. We can help you prepare the form and guide you through the process of obtaining relief. Learn more about the experiences of our past clients by checking out our client testimonials today.

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