Know What to Do When the IRS Knocks on Your Door

While sitting at your home or business, you suddenly receive a knock on your door and find an IRS Revenue Officer waiting for you on the other side. For most taxpayers, this can be a frightening and stressful experience. It is important to remain calm and respond in the proper manner to your initial contact with the agent. Doing so can help to pave the way towards a resolution of your tax problem.

Tips for Dealing with an IRS Agent Visiting Your Home or Business

What should you do if the IRS is knocking on your door? The following are six helpful tips:

  1. IRS Revenue Agents will often try to gain entry to your home. It is important to know that they are not entitled to enter your residence unless the residence contains a public area, which very few do.
  2. Tell the IRS agent that you will contact your attorney and get back to them as soon as possible. It is within your rights to do so, even if you receive some resistance from the agent.
  3. Another option is to call your attorney and hand the phone over to the agent.
  4. Regardless of which option you choose, it is important to be polite and appear cooperative.
  5. Request to see the IRS agent’s ID card and write down his or her name and ID number.
  6. Ask the agent to write down the tax matter, IRS form number, and the dates of the tax periods in question. Your attorney will need this information in order to prepare a Power of Attorney. You will need this to have the ability to deal directly with the IRS regarding your matter.

When dealing with the IRS, it is crucial to have an experienced attorney in your corner in order to level the playing field. We have helped many clients through this difficult process. Learn more about their experiences by checking out our client testimonials today.

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