How to Protect Your Kids from Your Oklahoma Tax Problems

You would do anything to protect your children. You want them to have a good life, a happy life, and financial security. Yet, your tax problems seem to be threatening all of that. How will you afford to take care of them if your wages are garnished or you are forced to pay a large tax bill? What can you do to protect your family?

You Will Be Able to Feed Your Family

If the IRS is going to garnish your wages, then you may be left with less disposable income. You may not be able to pay for the designer clothes, multiple activities, and the private schools that your children currently enjoy. In other words, your children’s lives may change, and they may be disappointed. However, the IRS formula for wage garnishment should take into account necessities, such as your reasonable mortgage or rent, child support payments, medical expenses, and other living expenses so that your children’s basic needs are met.

You May Influence Your Wage Garnishment

If your wages have been garnished, or may be garnished, then it is time to speak up. You, together with an experienced Tulsa tax attorney, may be able to influence how much of your wages are garnished by the government. You may be able to work out a deal that minimizes the effect on your family.

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