Do you feel alone and overwhelmed because the IRS is saying you owe taxes but you really don't?

This happens alot in the following circumstances:

1) You just got audited and the IRS agent assigned to your case just simply won't listen or understand your reasoning for an exemption or deduction.  Then, they chaulk up their misunderstanding to you AS INCOME!; OR

2) The IRS has hit you personally with part of a payroll tax (called the trust fund recovery penalty) for a company you had little or no involvement with.

Alot of times, the IRS employee assigned to your audit or payroll tax recovery efforts doesn't want to listen to what you have to say.  The tell you that you can just take it to tax court.

If you do that, you deny yourself the ability to use a little known IRS tool called the Doubt as to Liability Offer in Compromise.

Click here to watch tax attorney, Travis Watkins, explain this powerful program.

Personally, I love this relief vehicle.  The IRS stops collection efforts to consider your request, you don't have to offer any money at all or put any money down to make the offer (unlike traditional offers in compromise) and the IRS unit that handles the requests are pretty pragmatic about your situation.  Call me at 800-721-7054 if you would like more information on this program.

Travis Watkins
Senior Tax Attorney
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