What Is the IRS's "Fresh Start Initiative"? How Do I Know Whether I'm Eligible?

In today's episode of "Your IRS Weapon", tax attorney Travis Watkins shares details about the IRS's Fresh Start Initiative, discusses how a taxpayer may be able to have penalties and interest on an unpaid tax liability forgiven, and more.

How Do I Qualify for the Fresh Start Initiative?

The IRS's Fresh Start Initiative is designed to help individual taxpayers as well as business owners pay off their tax liabilities and avoid tax liens. Travis tells you how you may be able to qualify and other useful information about the Fresh Start Initiative in today's episode.

Forgiving Penalties and Interest

Did you know that—under certain circumstances—the IRS is willing to forgive the penalties and interest that can rapidly accumulate on an unpaid tax liability? Learn whether this option applies to you!

You don't want to miss this week's episode. As usual, it is packed full of useful information for your tax needs, questions, and concerns. Listen now for free, or download to listen on the go!

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