What to Do If Funds Are Low And You Want to E-File Your Tax Return

When it comes to avoiding problems with the IRS, completing and filing your tax return properly, on time, and with all necessary supporting documentation can go a long way towards a smooth tax season. This year, the IRS anticipates that it will be issuing over 90% of all tax return refunds within 21 days of electronic filing. In addition, filing electronically is considered to be a safer and more accurate method. If you cannot afford to pay for a professional tax preparer, there are still other options out there that could help you prepare and file an electronic return.

3 Options for Assistance Preparing and Filing Tax Returns

How can you prepare and file a tax return electronically when you are short on funds? The following is a helpful overview:

  1. Explore the option of IRS Free File. For families whose incomes are $62,000 or less, the IRS has partnered with various commercial entities to offer free brand-name software that allows taxpayers to file their tax returns electronically. An estimated 100 million people may be eligible for this program.
  2. Consider using one of the free, online fillable forms provided by the IRS. If you feel comfortable completing your own tax return, this may be a good option for you. These online forms are electronic versions of the traditional IRS paper forms and they are available to all taxpayers, regardless of their income. Taxpayers can complete these forms and file them electronically.
  3. Determine whether you qualify for help from either the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program or the Tax Counseling for the Elderly program. Both programs offer free tax help for those who qualify. To learn more about these programs, visit the IRS website or download the IRS2Go app on your smart phone. Both the website and the app can help you locate a free tax prep provider.

Sometimes, even a timely filed electronic tax return can result in questions from the IRS. If you are facing problems with the IRS, we are here to help. Learn more about the experiences of our previous clients by checking out our client testimonials today.

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