Five Misconceptions About IRS Help, a/k/a A Recipe for Failure

1. IRS help is too expensive.  To the contrary, IRS problems are too expensive and the financial stakes are too high to go it alone with an IRS problem.  If time is money, how much have you got to throw away sitting on hold waiting for the next available berating for not paying your taxes?  The vast majority of our clients, however, never speak to the IRS again after hiring us.  Choose a local, licensed tax attorney who will give you an upfront flat fee quote without any funny business.

2. The IRS will be fair with me if I handle my case on my own.  You can pay the IRS today and they may stay away (cordial even) tomorrow...maybe. However, it won't be long until the IRS wants to know, "What have you done for me lately."

2.a. I can work out a deal with the IRS myself.  One question.  How has that gone so far?  No offense, but the only proven way to successfully do it yourself is to accurately file and pay your taxes in full, on time with a surgeon's precision.  It also helps to read the tax code every day because, on average, that's how often it changes.  Anything short of that, you need a professional.

3. I don't have any money to settle with the IRS right now, so I will wait until I do.  This is counter-intuitive, but the best time to settle your taxes for less is when things are at their financial worst.  Most collection alternatives run best when the IRS sees that it cannot collect from you within its statute of limitations or it would be inequitable (unfair) to do so.  Sign up with a local tax lawyer that will let you pay a flat fee out over a few months to convince the IRS that this is the case.

4. IRS, catch me if you can!  This mindset reminds me of a poster in grade school of a hideous androgenous person with greasy hair, permanently persed lips, puffing on a cigarette.  The caption read, "Smoking is so glamorous."  The clever individuals with this mindset usually haven't had a bank account in years, have transferred property into the names of others (or never owned any at all), and they almost always unnecessarily embroil friends and family members in a scheme to compensate them under the table or hide their true economic circumstances.  They think they have beaten the IRS at their own game.  What a truly glamorous life that is. 

5. I can pay someone to solve my tax problem, then I can go back to sleep.  Look, I know more than the average person about the changing and complex tax code.  I'm an excellent negotiator.  However, if a taxpayer isn't ready to play an active role in partnering with a tax professional to solve the problem, all is lost.  We have to receive some relatively elementary financial information to start negotiating about values, allowable expenses, etc. with the IRS.  It's all worth the effort, but your cooperation is essential to successfully overcoming your tax problems.  

If you suffer from one or more of these IRS help mindsets, it's time to talk to Oklahoma City and Tulsa tax attorney, Travis Watkins at 405-607-1192.  

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