Filing IRS Doubt as to Liability? Better Be Sure!

The name of this particular Offer in Compromise may be Doubt as to Liability. However, if you are going to file a Doubt as to Liability with the IRS, then you better have no doubt. Instead, you had better be aware that you are in effect telling the IRS that it is wrong. You are specifically telling the IRS that the bill that the IRS issued was either too high or completely inaccurate.

Nobody (not even IRS agents) likes to be wrong. While your goal is not to make friends at the IRS, you certainly don’t want to make enemies either.

Get the Advice of a Norman Tax Attorney before Filing a Doubt as to Liability

It is important to know about the Doubt as to Liability before filing your claim. Specifically, an experienced Norman tax lawyer can advise you as to:

  • Whether this is the right type of Offer in Compromise to file. Other possible Offers in Compromise may give you a better chance of reducing your tax bill.
  • The benefits of filing a Doubt as to Liability. The benefits may include reducing or eliminating the IRS bill.
  • The risks of filing a Doubt as to Liability. The risks may include delaying the inevitable and losing bargaining power.

Together, this information can help you decide whether you want to proceed with a Doubt as to Liability claim or pursue another type of tax relief.

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