You know that you didn’t pay your payroll taxes when you were supposed to pay them, and eventually the IRS is going to know it, too. If you were faced with the incredibly difficult decision of whether to pay your employees or the IRS, of whether to pay the rent or the IRS, or of whether to pay the creditor or the IRS, then you may have made the decision that seemed easiest at the time. You may have paid the people or companies who were demanding money now or who would immediately know that you failed to make a payment.

The IRS Won’t Stay Quiet Forever

The IRS considers payroll taxes to be high-priority debt. This means that if you failed to pay payroll taxes, the agency is going to be aggressive in its collection actions. It may take the IRS a little longer than some other creditors to figure out that you missed a payment, but when it does you should expect to be contacted, and you should expect that the agency is going to want its money right away.

Call a Tulsa Business Tax Lawyer Today to Learn More

If you have missed one or more payroll tax payments, then you should not wait for the IRS to contact you. Instead, you should be proactive and contact Tulsa tax lawyer today. To learn more about your rights, please call us at 800-721-7054, and please read our FREE book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems.

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