“There's no such thing as a free lunch” is a groan-inducing cliché, but lawyers have resorted to it surprisingly often when it comes to tax problems. The fact is, if a television ad seems too good to be true, and it promises to solve all of your tax and debt issues in a single stroke, then you should forget about it immediately and change the channel.

A good example is debt-consolidation firms which frequently advertise on afternoon and late-night TV. These companies promise to bundle your tax, mortgage, and/or credit card debt into a single reduced lump sum, which you would then pay off in monthly installments (usually to the company which does the bundling).

What makes these offers enticing? If you're facing $20,000 in accumulated debt, then paying it off in $500-per-month increments may seem like a good deal—and it spares you from having to write out separate checks to various creditors, or deal with their representatives on the phone. There's a major catch, though.

First, if the firm actually succeeds in reducing your debt, then the interest rate on your lump-sum debt will be astronomically high—you may be paying $500 per month for the rest of your life! (After all, why would they consolidate your debt and not expect anything in return?)

Second, it's hit-or-miss whether these firms actually can rope all your creditors together and get them to agree to reduce their bills. IRS revenue officers, for example, usually are unimpressed by debt-consolidation agencies, and often will strike better terms with an Oklahoma tax attorney who actually knows what he's talking about.

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