Click on the title of this article, above, to see how billionaire Bill Davidson, former owner of the Detroit Pistons, left behind a legacy of headaches for his family when he died in 2009.  At the time of his death, he was worth nearly $3 billion.  He set up trusts and other estate planning vehicles, but the IRS audited the estate and sent a $2.8 billion (including penalty and interest) deficiency notice anyway.  Why? This is likely the biggest estate tax in history.  In perspective, the underlying $1.9 billion estate tax bill is more than 10% of the $13 billion the IRS collected from American taxpayers for the entire 2010 tax year! 

The IRS never raised a stink about Davidson's self-cancelling installment notes while he was alive.  This process allowed beneficiaries a right to own Davidson's assets at death for installment money to Davidson during his life.  When he passed, though, the IRS smelled blood and moved in.

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Travis Watkins
Senior Tax Attorney
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