You are on the right track, and you don’t want to make a serious or costly mistake. More specifically, you don’t want to make an error on your taxes, so you’ve decided to hire a professional to help file your returns for the 2014 tax season.

Don’t Let This Happen to You

Not all tax advisors or preparers are the same. Consider what happened to one taxpayer recently. 

On December 26, 2013, a Colorado man was informed that he owed more than $100,000 to the IRS for failing to fill out a form. The man reportedly did not know about the form that he should have been filing every year since 2005 and has incurred a penalty of $15,000 for each year that he didn’t file the form.

The error was discovered when the man changed tax advisors, and the new advisor discovered that the form had not been filed. The taxpayer had trusted his former tax advisor to complete all necessary forms; however, his advisor had missed this form and created a serious tax problem for this taxpayer.

Careful Who You Hire

It is important to do your homework and to hire someone you believe is capable of making sure that you file the correct 2013 tax returns during the 2014 tax season. 

However, please know that if a problem does come up later, it is important to get help from an experienced Oklahoma City tax lawyer.  We may be able to help you resolve your tax problem even if an accountant or other tax professional prepared your tax return. Please read our FREE book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems, to learn more about what to do about unexpected tax problems.

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