What a week!!! My boots hurt from kicking some serious IRS tail, and it's been a banner week. 

Travis' boots after dealing with the IRS this week 
We got a bank levy released on the 19th day of the account freeze for a client, stopped a continuing wage levy for another client, and got managerial approval for Currently Not Collectible (Status 53, a/k/a CNC). 

As I have said many times now, the IRS is getting the picture that the economy ain't what it used to be, and they are loosening up on their collection alternative programs.  Ironically, the IRS got its own dose of this with massive budget cuts a-la Congress this week. 

There may have never been a better time to end your tax problem.  Make 2012 the year that you put your life back together by stopping the IRS in its tracks.  Call Oklahoma tax lawyer, Travis Watkins, at 1-800-721-7054 and we'll help you do it. 
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