What to Do When the IRS Files Tax Returns for You

Did you know that if you have unfiled tax returns, the IRS will file them for you? As great as this may sound, you do NOT want this to happen. Without access to all of your financial records, the ”estimated returns” they file on your behalf will rarely be kind to you. Learn how to avoid this problem, and also what to do if it’s happened to you in today&rsqou;s episode of Your IRS Weapon.

Certified Letters from the IRS

Good news rarely comes certified. If you receive a certified letter from the IRS, it’s usually not a good sign. Learn how to tell which IRS warnings are the most serious, and also what you should do if you’re being threatened with wage garnishment, bank levies, or asset seizure here.

Celebrity Tax News: Rob Lowe

What happened when Rob Lowe sold his 25 million dollar estate? We discuss in today&rsqou;s episode. Download or listen for free!

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