French actor, George Depardieu, best known in America for his role in the 1990 hit film, Green Card, has renounced his citizenship over taxes.  He reported that his 2012 taxes zapped 85% of his income.  So, where is George going?  Russia, where residents pay a 13% flat tax.  Depardieu claims to be taking 80 french jobs from his various companies with him.  What?

In a letter to the French Prime Minister in December, Depardieu says, "[s]adly, I no longer belong here," he wrote, "but I will continue to love the French public, with whom I have shared so many emotions. I'm leaving because you believe that success, creativity, talent -- what makes people individual -- must be punished."  Flat taxes, job creation?  Sounds down right tea partyish, or at least capitalistic.

George has not been completely housebroken.  He urinates on floors of departing airplanes and makes no excuses for his alcohol-fueled past and fractured relationship with his family. But, he has demonstrated a capacity for higher thought with his recent comments.  Hollywood limocrats might wish to follow Mr. Depardieu's lead to the Kremlin, where the arts flourish.

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Travis Watkins
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