You can’t go back and change your actions. You can’t respond to an IRS levy notice, for example, after the IRS has already levied your property. However, that does not mean that the levy will continue forever. Instead, there are still ways that an IRS tax levy may end for an Oklahoma taxpayer.

How an IRS Tax Levy May End for an Oklahoma Taxpayer Once the Levy Has Occurred

An IRS Tax levy may end in one of the following three ways:

  1. The levy may be released
  2. You pay your tax debt in full
  3. The legal time limit for collecting the tax expires

If you wait until your tax debt has been fully satisfied, even if it was not correctly assessed to begin with, or if you wait until the IRS time limit for collecting the tax has expired then you may have paid the IRS a lot of money that you didn’t have to pay. Accordingly, you might seek other ways to have the levy released with the help of an experienced Oklahoma tax lawyer.

Call a Tulsa Tax Attorney if Your Oklahoma Property Has Been Levied by the IRS

If the IRS has levied your property, then the time to take action is right now. You need to protect yourself, your family, and your property. You need to know about your legal options. Please contact an experienced Tulsa tax lawyer today at 800-721-7054 to schedule an initial consultation about your rights, and please download a FREE copy of our book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems, to learn more.

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