3 Reasons Not to Ignore the IRS

You may have a good reason to believe that the IRS notice you received was wrong. You may have paid the taxes that you have been accused of not paying, or you may believe that the tax is unconstitutional, illegal, or immoral.

None of That Matters When You’ve Received an IRS Notice

Ignoring an IRS notice is not going to make your tax problem go away and could in fact make it worse. More specifically, if you pretend that you haven’t heard from the IRS, then you could risk:

  1. Paying more money. Additional interest and penalties could accrue if you continue to ignore your outstanding tax bill.
  2. Wage garnishment. The IRS may garnish your wages and simply begin taking the money that you owe from your paychecks before the money ever comes to you.
  3. Prison time. If you owe substantial money and fail to work out a repayment plan with the IRS, then you could be put in jail.

You could also face additional penalties such as a bank levy or property lien. While you might not yet know the specific types of problems that you face if you fail to respond to the IRS, you should know that problems are likely to occur.

Call a Tulsa Tax Attorney for Help Today

Don’t let another day go by with the IRS threat hanging over your head. Instead, contact an experienced Tulsa tax lawyer today for more information about how to solve your tax problems. Our lawyers welcome your inquiry via this website or at 800-721-7054, and we invite you to learn more about your rights in our FREE book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems.

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