3 Disadvantages to Delaying a Call to a Tax Attorney

You may be hesitant to pick up the phone to call a Tulsa tax lawyer. Some of your fellow Oklahomans have felt the same way. Regardless of how much trouble they are in, some taxpayers are hesitant to ask for help. They may be embarrassed, they may be hesitant to take on another bill, or they may believe that they can handle everything by themselves.

They May Be Making a Mistake

While it is easy to understand these reasons for delaying a call to a Tulsa tax attorney, it is important to know the truth about contacting a lawyer. The truth is that an experienced lawyer is not going to judge you or be unsympathetic to your financial problems.

Instead, a lawyer is going to help you avoid the following tax complications:

  • Paying more than you owe. You want to make sure the tax bill is correct before you work out a payment plan.
  • Incurring additional penalties. The longer the debt is outstanding, the more money you may owe in penalties.
  • Stress. If you are not represented by counsel, you will have to negotiate on your own.

You Shouldn’t Have to Deal with the IRS Alone

There is help available. An Oklahoman who is, or who may be, in trouble with the IRS or Oklahoma Tax Commission can browse the free resources available on this website and contact an experienced tax lawyer in Tulsa for a free consultation about his rights.

Have you ever contacted a tax lawyer? Are you glad you did? Please leave a comment and share your experience with others who may still be deciding what to do.

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