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What Failure To Pay Oklahoma Sales Tax Could Really Mean For You

You’ve spent so much time and energy building your business. Whether you worked a second job while you got your business off the ground or you put all of your effort into making your Oklahoma City business succeed, you did everything that you could to ensure the success of the business that you created.

Yet, times have been tough here in Oklahoma City, just as they have been across the state and the nation. The Great Recession combined with the growing acceptance of buying goods online have made it more difficult for brick-and-mortar stores to succeed in Penn Square, the Plaza District, or elsewhere in the Oklahoma City area.

Times Got Hard, and You Got Behind on Your Oklahoma Sales Tax

It is easy to understand how this could happen to you and to other businesses like yours. However, it is also important to understand two, potentially devastating consequences that you face because of the failure to pay Oklahoma sales tax. Specifically, you could face:

  • The state-mandated closure of your business
  • Personal liability for the unpaid sales taxes

The description of these consequences may be short, but don’t underestimate their significance nor your ability to do something to prevent the consequences from ruining your life.

Get Help. Now.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) is not going to wait to hold you accountable for the failure to pay Oklahoma sales tax. Accordingly, you should not wait to find out more about your rights and about how to protect your future. You can get started right now by downloading a FREE copy of our book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems. You can also pay it forward by sharing this article on Facebook or forwarding it to any business owners that you know who may be facing similar back sales tax problems with the OTC.