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An IRS Revenue Officer Left His Business Card At My Home/Place Of Business, What Should I Do?

Call a lawyer or tax professional immediately! If your case has been assigned to a revenue officer, time is of the essence.

An IRS revenue officer has the right to visit you at your home or place of business if you are not represented by a lawyer or other tax professional. This officer contact can be intimidating, and it is meant to be so. They want your immediate attention, and they will want a litany of documentation from you. If you ignore these contacts, the officer is likely to make his visits more frequently. A revenue officer may even issue a subpoena for information concerning your finances with deadlines punishable by contempt.

With very few exceptions, our clients never meet with the IRS after the client has signed a power of attorney form for legal representation. You have a right to legal representation, and any direct officer contact with the taxpayer (without the taxpayer's representative also being present) is a no-no and can subject the revenue officer to disciplinary action from superiors and the service.

Direct dialogue with a revenue officer is not recommended. They are often overworked, pushy and tend to overreach. Stop the dialogue with the officer and get legal representation. We represent individuals and businesses confronted by IRS revenue officers daily. Call Oklahoma Tax lawyer, Travis Watkins, at (405) 703-5689 today.