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Chris Tucker Faces IRS Rush Hour

Over the summer, celebrity tattler TMZ, was following the tax woes of Rush Hour funny-man, Chris Tucker. According to the L.A. County Recorders Office, the IRS filed an $11.5 million Federal Tax Lien against Tucker for unpaid income tax back in July, 2010. This Federal Tax Lien is in addition to a state of California tax lien for income taxes to the tune of $3.5 million. Note to California: remove your state system from poverty levels by enforcement of existing celebrity tax debt!

The $11.5 million tax liability secured by the Federal Tax Lien breaks down like this:


In 2001, Tucker was paid over $20 million for Rush Hour 2. In 2006, Tucker was paid $25 million for Rush Hour 3.

Not surprisingly, this news corresponds to recent developments in Tucker's real estate portfolio. Tucker is selling for $2 million an 8,861 square foot home in a posh suburb of Orlando, which he purchased for $6 million three years ago. He owns other properties in California as well. It is unclear if he intends to dump some of this property to settle his tax debt as well.